July 10, 2019 BGT Team

Golf Is Not Fun.

I’m starting this blog because I’m told several have wondered why I don’t have one.

The answer is that I’m a fossil and all things in the world of social media I leave to younger people than me.

I do follow publications that reference golf and therein disagree when it comes to increasing participation. I see the word fun used as in ‘you should play golf because it’s fun’.

I can only figure those articles are written by non-golfers or non-real golfers. You see golf isn’t fun, it’s rewarding and there is a major difference.

Top Golf, now that’s fun. I’ve been a couple of times with the grand-kids and enjoyed both.

Real golf is hard, really hard and when you hit that great shot, whatever it is you are rewarded and it’s that essence of the game that brings you back.

I have an ongoing experiment I conduct. When speaking with golfers I ask them if they remember a great shot they hit during their last round. Without fail they respond be it a drive, iron even a putt. The subject of golf being rewarding is directly relatable to course set up… which I’ll discuss in detail in the next time.