September 9, 2019 BGT Team

I still consider myself a custom fitter to this day.

Even after 40 years of being in the golf industry, I still consider myself a custom fitter to this day.
It all started at the Haney Ranch back in the early 90’s. When I studied how to fit and eventually designed my own fitting system, I was able to sell product. Hardly big volume but those were the days where “scratching out a living” was the norm.
Through the years, I’ve fit hundreds of golfers and I consider myself of a pretty good fitter but for all those years it never even occurred to me to fit putters.
Once I went through the experience it was like a light flashing on, how could I have ignored 40% of the game?! You see a custom fitted putter is just as valuable as a custom fitted driver. Except that you use the driver maybe 12-14X a round and the putter 30. Yes, some of those are tap ins which you could make with anything but a properly fitted putter makes for more tap ins (my favorite length).
Breakthrough Golf offers custom putter fitting. So, if you’re at all serious about your game and can get to Dallas contact Breakthrough Golf in advance and schedule a fitting. You’ll be very glad you did.