May 14, 2020 BGT Team

I’m Championing A Few Hours Where We Can Forget The Drama…

One of the great things about golf is when you play it requires total concentration, world events, personal issues are put on hold. You see, golf isn’t fun, it’s hard and that element is what brings us joy no matter how small our victories. I’ve played the game for some 70 years and studied it for 40 working in the industry.

We find ourselves today bordering on panic, daily feeds from the media, warning us, threatening us. For those who play the game is a needed respite. There have been some articles and I’m sure more coming about what will happen in the distant morning. Massive unemployment, lost wages and crashing investment portfolios, a small sample. Sadly, the media is going to have bad news to emphasize for months to come and there is no question that some of the collateral damage will be human lives and financial well- being.

It’s easy to sit and critique humans making decisions. But when asked the question about affecting lives now or in the future its way more complex. Political expediency focuses on the now knowing there will be a pivot down the road.

What does all this have to do with golf? The game provides an instant middle ground. People can have 4 hours in the sun and fresh air and the difficulty involved forces them to temporarily shelve daily tribulations. Even with reduced course services as a precaution just the chance to go to bed at night knowing the weather looks great and you can escape to the course for a few hours…. tis something that brightens one’s outlook.

There are reputable studies emerging that forecast “the cure being worse than the disease” citing deaths from ongoing causes far exceed the new affliction. I’m not going there; much greater minds will opine. I’m championing the playing of golf, accepting virus related restrictions. I’m championing a few hours where we can forget the drama, the panic and get our butts kicked by a little white (or yellow ball).