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Golfs Most Advanced Putting Analysis

Master Fit Session $350

Stability Putter Shaft Fitting

Every fitting includes a complete Quintic putter analysis and a free Stability shaft of your choice.

Master Fitter

Blair Philip

Blair Philip is a 25-year golf veteran with extensive experience in the industry. He’s been with Ping Golf, Yes Putters, Adams Golf and Taylor Made Golf. He’s also been a Tour Professional and is co-inventor of the Stability Shaft. Blair will take you through a complete putter stroke evaluation and in-depth measurement of over 45 different parameters using the Quintic Putting Ball Roll System and the new Flatstick™ tempo teaching device.

  • Quintic Putting Ball Roll analysis with your current steel shaft and post results with your new Stability Shaft
  • The Flatstick™ allows golfers to understand their stroke timing giving them instant feedback by using an array of sensors that track a small magnet placed on the putter. It helps golfers identify their putting stroke, tempo and rhythm. It is very accurate and instantly makes for better putting.
  • Evaluation of your putting stroke in 5-key Quintic categories: face angle at impact, face rotation, shaft & attack angles, ball and club speed consistency and impact ratio.
  • Check for proper putter type, length, lie angle, loft, swing weight and grip style
  • Comprehensive 10-page report from your Quintic & Flatstick sessions, including your build sheet showing your before and after results
  • Re-build putter to indicated specifications. This will include all necessary adjustments including re-shafting to the optimal loft, lie and length
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