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Golfs Most Advanced Putting Analysis

Master Fit Session $350

Stability Putter Shaft Fitting

Every fitting includes a complete Quintic putter analysis and a free Stability shaft of your choice.

Master Fitter

Blair Philip

Blair Philip is a 25-year golf veteran with extensive experience in the industry. He’s been with Ping Golf, Yes Putters, Adams Golf and Taylor Made Golf. He’s also been a Tour Professional and is co-inventor of the Stability Shaft. Blair will take you through a complete putter stroke evaluation and in-depth measurement of over 45 different parameters using the Quintic Putting Ball Roll System and the new Flatstick™ tempo teaching device.

  • Quintic Putting Ball Roll analysis with your current steel shaft and post results with your new Stability Shaft.
  • The Flatstick™ allows golfers to understand their stroke timing giving them instant feedback by using an array of sensors that track a small magnet placed on the putter. It helps golfers identify their putting stroke, tempo and rhythm. It is very accurate and instantly makes for better putting.
  • Evaluation of your putting stroke in 5-key Quintic categories: face angle at impact, face rotation, shaft & attack angles, ball and club speed consistency and impact ratio.
  • Check for proper putter type, length, lie angle, loft, swing weight and grip style.
  • Comprehensive 10-page report from your Quintic & Flatstick sessions, including your build sheet showing your before and after results.
  • Re-build putter to indicated specifications. This will include all necessary adjustments including re-shafting to the optimal loft, lie and length.

The Standard In Putter R&D, Analysis, Fitting And Teaching.

“Traditional putter shafts are inherently inconsistent and can limit how well you can perform. You may have been told that your steel shaft is as good as it needs to be, but it isn’t nearly as good as it could be. The stability shaft removes inconsistencies that current putter shafts have, and it helps compensate for mistakes all golfers make. It will help unleash your full putting potential. Based upon my work in the testing and development of putters, along with my coaching of tour players, I have been recommending my players use a stiffer shaft in their putters for over 15 years. I can say without reservation, the stability shaft far exceeds any shaft available.”
– Jim Mackay, President OnePutt Enterprises, Inc.
OnePutt Enterprises is the premier independent putter testing and consulting company. It’s at the forefront in advancing ideal testing methodologies for putters, developing improvements in putter face technology, putter head design, and shaft technologies.
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