Scotty Cameron Select Newport Putter price without Stability shaft


If bought separately you’d pay $599.99.
Exclusively from Breakthrough Golf pay $549.99.

Like a custom car designer who shapes a fender to enhance the feeling of speed, Scotty has refined his Newport model with subtle, yet profound, improvements to the putter’s visual and technical characteristics giving players even more confidence over every putt. The three-tiered contours from the top line down the shoulders to the ground cascade effortlessly with nothing for the eye to get caught on. The top line radius has been smoothed ever so slightly to give the top line a thinner, player-preferred look from address. Adjustments to the plumbing neck angle provide an uninterrupted view of the face from heel to toe. And every edge has been sculpted for a soothing appearance, pushing this legendary setup to the next level of aesthetics and performance. Exclusively shafted with the Stability Shaft.

Length: 35 inch
Hand: Right

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