Stability Shaft


Stability replaces 50-year-old putter steel-shaft technology with improved feel without needing to change your stroke. It will deliver your putter face squarer at impact, so putts stay on line. Fastest growing putter shaft on the PGA,, Champions and European Tours.

USGA and R&A approved.

“The Stability Shaft is real technology that produces a better product.”
          —Tom Watson

You must ship your putter to Breakthrough Golf at the address below if you chose to have BGT do the install. Typical turnaround on installations are 24-hours from receipt of putter.

Breakthrough Golf Technology
1850 N. Greenville Ave.
Suite 184
Richardson, Texas 75081

Free Domestic Shipping to Contiguous US customers.

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Customers Reviews for Stability Shaft

  1. Tim Cusick, Dir. Golf Instruction Four Seasons Resort and Master Professional PGA of America

    I am always looking for better ways to help my students. I’ll do it with technology, equipment and the way I teach. I can combine all those with Stability. My students make more putts. I love seeing lower scores.

  2. Scott Gardner, PGA Professional

    I am so impressed with the Stability shaft! The forgiveness and feel in my putter was greatly enhanced. From my experience the fear of miss hitting a putt basically went away! You’re either using a Stability or you’re WASTING STROKES.

  3. Dr. Craig Farnsworth, The Putt Doctor

    My friend Barney Adams introduced me to a new shaft his company developed. Its called Stability and since I teach golfers how to putt better I decided to give to a try. Wow, I was impressed! I strongly recommend this putter shaft if you want to putt better. It’s in my putter and I love it.


    I tried out the new Stability Shaft in my putter this past weekend. Played two rounds in California. Wow! You can really tell the difference. It took me several holes to adjust to the fact the ball comes off the face so well. Once I made that adjustment, the results were quite good. The weighting is perfect.

  5. Carlos Brown

    Breakthrough Golf Technology, the name says it all, a very innovative golf shaft company that produce results, they allow the technology in the golf clubs to work. I’ve never felt so confident over the putter before, as soon as I played I saw immediate results and felt very confident that the ball would start and stay on its intended line that leads to fewer putts. Love the shaft highly recommended no matter what level you play on.

  6. Freddy Morrison

    I absolutely love your product and completely believe in its technology. I couldn’t wait to use my new Stability shaft. You nailed it! My long putts got so much easier to control my distance but that’s not what surprised me the most. I couldn’t believe how well and on line my short putts felt off the face. WOW!

  7. Rick Vershure

    The Stability shaft has clearly eliminated one more variable—the wobble in the club head and that’s a technical improvement in golf equipment. The shaft is excellent!

  8. Bob Jacobson

    Finally, a standard size putter shaft that is stiff and stable! It is much more consistent and feels better than my old steel putter shaft. It definitely helps to roll the ball better. It stays online longer and has great speed control! Thanks Breakthrough Golf Technologies, this will be in the bag for a long time!

  9. Harold Rosengren

    I just received back my Odyssey 2-ball Gold putter re-shafted with Stability. This has got to be one of the coolest looking putters on the planet. I can’t get over how much better this club handles and feels. No shock waves at all. It’s just perfect.

  10. Scott McCloy

    After getting fitted at Pete Carlson’s, I went right out and played with my Stability shaft. Immediately, I putted better than I have in years! I had better distance control, alignment and feel. Many thanks for this terrific new product.

  11. Jon Edland

    Stability can help anybody. When I play, I’m always closer to the hole. It works. Simple as that, it works.

  12. Nate Willard

    I absolutely recommend the Stability shaft because it means more putts made. Plus, it looks really cool.

  13. Steve Horn

    The first time I put the Stability shaft in my hands it felt solid and it gave me the confidence that I was looking for. My ball rolls truer and stays online and I noticed much better distance control.

  14. Jamie Bird

    Nobody’s concentrated on technology in the putter shaft. Stability is really ahead of the game. My putter doesn’t twist, feel different and even with off-centered hits, my performance has been exceptional.

  15. Becky Horne

    Stability improved my putting almost seventy-five percent! Practically eliminating three putts. It took at least five strokes off my game. I’m not a techy type person but I do know what it’s done for my game. When everybody wants to play what you have, you know you’ve got a good product.

  16. C. DeLeon

    The best new piece of golf equipment introduced in the last 20 years. Feedback and results are immediate. I literally hit the sweet spot on every single putt which has led to amazing distance control and start lines.

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