Tour 2 Polar Provides Tour Performance With Exceptional Accuracy And Control.

Our newest tour preferred model designed with a crisp, clean look. Stability Tour 2 Polar is another option in the arsenal of Stability putter shafts, which provide tour proven performance with exceptional accuracy and control


Streamlined, slim look preferred by better golfers.


Stability Tour 2 Polar balances like a steel putter shaft, allowing any putter to be built to the specifications of even the most demanding golfer.


Stability Tour 2 Polar is built with 30% more high modulus graphite for a softer, responsive feel that’s perfect for putting.

Streamlined, Slim Look.

Streamlined, slim look which tapers to a 13% reduction in the shaft diameter. Stability Tour offers a complete blackout appearance to reduce glare and line of sight distraction.

Balances Like Steel.

Stability Tour will balance like a steel shaft which makes it easy to recreate a specific swing weight when re‑shafting.

Tour Preferred Control & Feel.

With 30% more carbon fiber for crisp, responsive sound and control preferred by better golfers.


Technical Specs

Stability Tour 2 Polar

 Tip Diameter
 .355″     .370″     .390″
 102 gm
 Butt Diameter
 1 ̊
 Ultra Tour Stiff

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