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ZNE Wedge Shaft... All Models Now In Stock

Straight From The Industry Experts: What Do They Say About ZNE Wedge Shafts?

TXG / Club Champion
Ian's BGT ZNE Wedge Shaft Review
Peter von Panda
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Tour Quality Golf
Reviewing The BGT ZNE Wedge Shaft

You Never Know Where You’ll Find That Little Extra Advantage.

You can make golfers better players with ZNE; it really manipulates flex, so much more than a steel shaft. All my hits were very stable, solid. There is never a one size fits all in golf, but this shaft is a great option. If your short game is not strong,  give the ZNE Wedge a try.
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Greatest Wedge shafts Ever Made?

Everything that has come from BGT has really impressed me and these wedges are worth every penny. If you want to improve your short game these wedges are where you should spend your money. I love them! Pick them up, you won’t be sorry.
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ZNE Wedge Shaft up against the tried-and-true Dynamic Gold S400.

Great shots with ZNE’s, really tight dispersion. The numbers don’t lie, the ZNE 90g has been the best. Overall, I’m pretty impressed with these wedges.
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The New Brava Sierra Echo Driver Shaft

Performance Elevated.

Stability Tour Cobalt Putter Shaft

Bold Color, Sleek Design & Unparalleled Performance.

About Breakthrough Golf Technology

Golf icon Barney Adams saw that no significant innovation had been made in putter shafts for decades. It all started with Stability and after years of research and development and countless hours of testing and perfecting the Stability Putter shaft was developed. We've grown and are so much more than just great putter shafts; in fact, Breakthrough Golf’s state-of-the-art facility utilizes the latest technology to develop and market the finest, most precise shafts available.
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The New Stability One Tour Spec
Single Piece Putter Shaft.

Brava Fairway Woods Shaft

Longer shots with tighter dispersion from The fairway or rough.

Stability Putter Shaft Family

High performance putter shafts for high performance putters.
Now you've got a choice of which Stability Shaft you want to putt with—Stability Carbon, Stability Tour, and the Stability One. All Stability putter shafts are ultra-stiff but with a soft, responsive feel.
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Stability Putter Shaft

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated.
Stability are the only shafts that fit all putters, regardless of make or model.
Premium toray graphite, 1 degree of torque, tour proven with an ultra-premium look.
To mark one of the most prestigious events in golf.
A one-time opportunity designed for golfers looking for exclusiveness.
Get M Edition

golf’s first customizable putter shaft.

With Stability Carbon you can customize to fit your game.

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