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The New Stability One Tour Spec
Single Piece Putter Shaft.

Longer shots with tighter dispersion from the fairway or rough.


21st Century Tactical Targeting System.


Choose Your Weapon.

High performance putter shafts for high performance putters.

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated.

Stability are the only shafts that fit all putters, regardless of make or model.
Premium Toray graphite, 1 degree of torque, Tour proven, ultra-premium look. Free installation & return shipping.
To mark one of the most prestigious events in golf.
A one-time opportunity designed for golfers looking for exclusiveness.
Get M Edition

golf’s first customizable putter shaft.

With Stability Carbon you can customize to fit your game.

Stability TV FirewheelStability TV FirewheelStability TV FirewheelStability TV Firewheel
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