Stability Tour Putter Shafts

A New Putter Shaft With A Tour Preferred Feel & Slim Look.

Stability Tour is the result of feedback from the best golfers and coaches in the world and offers the same state-of-the-art performance as the Original Stability Shaft.

"Barney is back
with a unique putter shaft you have to try."
Golf Digest
"Delivers results for golfers of all skill levels."
"Stability is a stroke of genius."
Armchair Sports
"Once you go to Stability, you don’t go back."
Equipment Insider
"Stability Shaft definitely makes my putter feel solid and translated to fewer putts."
Golf Balled
"After a few rolls one can easily see and feel that Stability lives up to its claims and more."
Amateur Golf
"The Stability Shaft felt extremely solid and soft. I made more putts, more often."
Golf Unfiltered
"From short to long putts, Stability was noticeably better."
Travel & Golf
"Cleaner feel, superior consistency."
Plugged-In Golf
"Stability Shaft voted best product of 2018."
Golf Aficionado Magazine
"Breakthrough Golf instantly made me a better putter."
Into the Grain
"I definitely saw my putts hold the line better and maintain distance control and the feel was really good…smooth."
True Fit Clubs
"Trust me, if you want to feel better on the green, give some serious thought to the Stability shaft. You won’t regret it."
Aces Golf

Don’t Trust Your Putter To An Inadequate Steel Shaft

  • The Stability shaft delivers your putter face squarer at impact so your putts stay more on line and replaces 50-year-old putter steel-shaft technology.
  • Steel putter shafts stress during the motion of the stroke, which results in the putter face not returning square to the target line
  • A putter face at impact is the holy grail of the smooth, pendulum style stroke and steel shafts combined with today's heavier putters are in direct conflict of achieving this. Stability will help you make more putts and reduce 3-putts with better distance control the very next time you play.
  • 100% USGA and R&A legal.

The Fastest Growing Putter Shaft On All Tours.

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Stability EI – GJ – 1.0 Putter Shaft

99% Of Golfers Who Have Stability Prefer It Over Steel

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