The New Stability Putter Shaft

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The Fastest Growing Putter Shaft On Tour.

Even the best players in the world are looking for a competitive edge. That’s why more tour players have switched to Stability than any other putter shaft.

The New Stability Shaft.

A Perfect Synergy Of Technology And Materials To Improve Putting Performance.

Improve Your Putting Performance.

There are four parts of the Stability shaft that work in concert to improve significantly putting performance. Stability has the same look, solid feel and weight as traditional steel putter shafts. It will deliver the face squarer at impact for improved accuracy and solid feel and has a lower launch for a predictable roll, resulting in better distance control.

Lower Torque

No twisting of the putter head through impact, even on off-center hits.

Reinforce Flexural Rigidity

No deflection of the putter head through impact. Better distance control. The ball will roll sooner and more consistent.

Stability EI – GJ – 1.0 Putter Shaft

Don’t Trust Your Putter To A Cheap Steel Shaft.

You Use A Putter 2x As Much As Other Clubs

For 50 years, the putter shaft has not changed; it’s a simple steel pipe. Over the years, head designs for putters have evolved and gotten dramatically heavier. This has resulted in shafts that are not stable or strong enough to keep these heavier, advanced putter heads from oscillating, twisting and turning.

In fact, the most substantial part of the putter shaft is under the hands, where it does the least good; the weakest part is near the club head. So why would any golfer trust their putter to short steel shaft if they had a better option?

Quintic Ball Roll System

The Standard for putter analysis, fitting, teaching & R&D.

“Traditional putter shafts are inherently inconsistent and can limit how well you can perform. You may have been told that your steel shaft is as good as it needs to be, but it isn’t nearly as good as it could be. The stability shaft removes inconsistencies that current putter shafts have, and it helps compensate for mistakes all golfers make. It will help unleash your full putting potential. Based upon my work in the testing and development of putters, along with my coaching of tour players, I have been recommending my players use a stiffer shaft in their putters for over 15 years. I can say without reservation, the stability shaft far exceeds any shaft available.” – Jim Mackay, President OnePutt Enterprises, Inc.

OnePutt Enterprises is the premier independent putter testing and consulting company. It’s at the forefront in advancing ideal testing methodologies for putters, developing improvements in putter face technology, putter head design, and shaft technologies.

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