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Make A Putter Shaft No One Else Has.

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SPY Pinseeker Award

"Stability Carbon shafts by BGT firm up your putting game like no other."

Stability Carbon.

Golf's first ever putter shaft you can customize to fit your game—length, connector color, even tip finish. Make 2023 your best year on the greens with Stability Carbon.

• Ultra-Stiff, 1 Degree Of Torque So The Putter Face Remains Square At Impact for Consistent Putts
• Carbon Weave For Improved Playability And Feel
• No Taper, Built With Internal Aluminum Weighting
• Fits All Putter Models-Regardless Of Bend Profile
Customize your shaft with 4 connector options and 2 tip finishes.
Balances like a steel putter shaft, allowing any putter to be built to exact specifications of even the most demanding golfers.
Carbon weave for playability refinement and improved feel.
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Stability vs. Traditional Steel

Toe-Heel Velocity Analysis At 2500 Frames/Sec.

stability graph


Causes almost no oscillation.

Evidence of how much more stable the Stability shaft is.

steel graph

Traditional Steel

Causes wild oscillation.

Evidence of how weak and unstable a steel shaft is. Even on center strikes.


Stability Carbon Shaft

carbon blue satin
Tip Diameter.355″ .370″ .390″
Length 37″
Weight 125 gm
Butt Diameter 0.600″
Torque 1 ̊
Flex Ultra-Stiff
Click to view a quick assembly video of the Stability shaft.
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