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Breakthrough Golf Technology (BGT) Founder Barney Adams sat down with Publisher of Brian Weis for a Q&A about BGT's Stability technology and how it makes a difference in the hands of golfers.

Does the Stability putter shaft really make a difference? In short. Yes.

Read the full article here.

The Golf Wire covers Breakthrough Golf Technology's (BGT) latest innovation, the Stability Armlock Putter Shaft, a new addition to its revolutionary Stability Shaft line.

With a steel core wrapped in graphite, this shaft delivers enhanced flexural rigidity for improved accuracy and distance control. USGA and R&A approved, it's designed to fit most armlock-style putters, offering golfers the benefits of a longer shaft without anchoring to the body.

Read the full press release here.

Ryan Barath of esteemed golf community and forum GolfWRX gets the details on the all-new Stability Tour putter shaft from Breakthrough Golf Technology (BGT) in his article, "BGT Launches All-New Stability Tour Putter Shaft."

Recapping the first Stability shaft technology, Barath analyzes the innovation in technology between Stability and Stability Tour.

Key differences include:

  1. The new look inspired by BGT customers.
  2. Stability Tour boasts 30% more graphite, allowing for more control.
  3. A balance point like steel, but performance like no other.

Read the full deep dive here. Publisher Brian Weis gets the scoop on Breakthrough Golf Technology's (BGT) products for 2020 in his article, "Breakthrough Golf Technology Announces Product Lines for 2020."

The revolutionary putter shafts from BGT are here to stay, and continue to disrupt the traditional industry of golf with innovative technology.

See the full article and lineup here. Publisher Brian Weis tests the Stability Tour putter shaft from Breakthrough Golf Technology, and reveals all in his article, "Stability Tour -- A Putter Shaft Worth Its Weight In Gold."

At a Club Champion fitting, Weis tested his current putter with the Stability Tour shaft and his results sent him running to purchase the latest model from BGT's line. What made Weis change is current putter to the Stability Tour? In short, putting performance that put all the leading putter brands to shame.

Read the full article here.

The featured the all-new Stability Tour2 Polar in Brian Weis's latest article, "Introducing The Coolest Stability Putter Shaft -- Stability Tour2 Polar."

Breakthrough Golf Technology (BGT) introduces the newest tour preferred putter model designed with a crisp, clean look. The Stability Tour2 Polar is not only stylish, but also boasts a soft touch coating that ensures no scratches or corrosion.

Read Weis's take on the latest design here.

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