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All Black Box Fittings take place in the new in-house fitting studio at Breakthrough Golf.

We believe golf shafts can and will make a difference in your golf game.

Optimize your performance through the fitting process to better understand your golf game.
Every fitting includes a BGT shaft of your choice.

In every Black Box Fitting your shot pattern will be completely analyzed and your clubs built to stringent standards. In fact, you’ll receive the same process, technology and attention to detail as any tour player.
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Shaft Tune-Up

Make any necessary adjustments and address any specific areas that are needed.
30 minutes
Must already have Breakthrough Golf Shaft installed
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Single Club Fitting

Comprehensive fitting to help you better understand how your equipment affects your golf game.
Beginning at
45 minutes
(1.5 hours for putter fitting)
Includes 1 of the following 3:
Stability Putter Shaft
ZNE Wedge Shafts (2)
Brava Woods Shaft
Wedge fittings accommodate 2 wedges with 2 shafts
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Combo Club Fitting

Extensive service to completely evaluate your equipment and stroke/swing.
1.5 hours
Includes 2 of the following 3:
Stability Putter Shaft
ZNE Wedge Shafts (2)
Brava Woods Shaft
Wedge fittings accommodate 2 wedges with 2 shafts
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Blair Philip

BGT Master Fitter

Blair Philip is a 25-year golf veteran with extensive experience in the industry. He’s been with Ping Golf, Yes Putters, Adams Golf and Taylor Made Golf. He’s also been a Tour Professional and is co-inventor of the Stability Putter Shaft.

For each fitting, Blair will take you through a complete stroke evaluation and in-depth measurement of a multitude of swing parameters. By the end of your fitting, you'll know more about your swing, your equipment and your style than you ever thought possible.


All Putter fittings will include a complete putter stroke evaluation and in-depth measurement of over 45 different parameters using the Quintic Putting Ball Roll System and the Flatstick™ tempo teaching device.

Evaluation of your putting stroke will be in key Quintic categories: face angle at impact, face rotation, shaft & attack angles, ball and club speed consistency and impact ratio.

Your fitting will include your proper putter type, length, lie angle, loft, swing weight and grip style. We will re-build your putter to your indicated specifications to maximum your putting potential.
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Wedge & Driver

Your Wood or Wedge fitting will be done using the Trackman 4 Virtual Range Software Platform, which uniquely combines radar capability with high-end optics.

The state-of-the-art system displays the full trajectory of all shots and will pinpoint your ball's landing position with superior accuracy. It also maps the shot's 3D trajectory in real-time, together with all impact and launch information.

This is truly an art meets science scenario; with the skill of Blair and the technology of the radar, camera and video will to take your game to a whole new performance level.
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Find Us Here

Breakthrough Golf Technology / Black Box
1850 N Greenville Ave Ste 184
Richardson, Tx. 75081

What Golfers Are Saying.

Ryan Davis
I Couldn't Have Better Things To Say
I couldn’t have better things to say about this place and the people who do the fittings here. I purchased a new shaft and fitting with Blair and I can instantly notice an appreciable difference between the new shaft and the putting tips he gave me throughout the process. You can send your putter in to get the shaft but if you’re in north Texas I would definitely recommend coming into the shop and doing a fitting.
John Kirby
Would Give 6 Stars!!
If I could give 6 Stars I would. I worked with Blair and he is exceptionally knowledgeable and patient. I had my new Ping putter upgraded with the Stability Carbon. Have to say….it looks like it was designed to go on this putter. The colors look awesome and the performance is incredible. I average about 32 putts per round. My first round with my new putter resulted in 27 putts and was a personal best 76. Coincidence? Doubt it. I also had Blair do some custom alignment lines on this putter and it has me lining up putts soooo much better. Additionally, Blair upgraded my TaylorMade Spider with the Tour Black Stability shaft and had it custom painted for me. Now I have 2 putters that are game ready! Awesome products and amazing service!!
Nick Polyak
Highly Recommend!
I do not think that I would’ve gained this knowledge and resulting path to better putting had I not been recommended to come and see Blair.
Blair took a favorite putter of mine and after spending time with the Quintic system he fit me into the Stability Tour Black and made some minor adjustments that have proven phenomenal. It’s hard to express the increased level of confidence on the green and most notably better alignment and my speed control has become significantly better. I highly recommend anyone looking to increase their confidence on the greens to pay a visit. Well worth the investment.
Just Awesome
These guys are awesome!!!! The stability shaft is awesome. I’m just wondering why everyone isn’t using it. Blair is a god. So patient and hears responds and CARES that the golfer practices good putting. I plan on taking friends to BGT to get the stability shaft!!
Alice Duan
Definitely Recommend
I love my Scotty mallet, but had been struggling for a few months and finally accepted that I would have to buy a new putter. But, during the fitting, Blair discovered that I actually rolled it well, I just needed to black out the back sight lines. He also delofted it and since then I’ve been putting much better and able to line things up more accurately. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to improve their putting.
Brian Wilson
Became a Better Putter!
I’m like the majority of golfers in this world. Always trying to get better. With Quintic and Blair’s expertise I believe that you will get better! Add in the Stability Shaft and the putter fitting, great putting is in the near future!!
Steve Horne
Fitted Just Like A Tour Player
I have never, in my 65 years of playing golf, been able to feel confident in my distances on the greens. I DO NOW. Blair’s experience and explanations as we were doing the fitting really brought the “method and art” to life. The analytics of the stroke really proved the point, I got a fitting just like a tour player.
Keith Hight
Putt With Confidence
The Stability Shaft is so consistent and stable. The feel and balance are excellent.
The data that you showed me and how my alignment, stroke, ball roll and other parameters compares to the best putters in the world was extremely valuable. It helped me to understand the root of my inconsistencies. I have seen my average putts per round decrease by 3 over my last 21 rounds. I’m shocked. I putt with confidence again for the first time in several years.
Chris Malec
Made Every Putt I Looked At
After seeing Blair and being fit, I shot a 63 for the first time -with a 29 on the front. Made everything I looked at. My experience freed me up mentally with my aim and mechanics. Knowing I now do that well simplifies putting significantly.
Jere and Ryan Shellberg
The putter fitting conducted has been nothing less than amazing. We appreciated the thoroughness and the immense knowledge Blair brought to the session. We have been recommending Breakthrough Golf Technology and your fitting services to anyone who complains about being a bad putter.
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