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The Hottest Putter Shaft In Golf—Stability Tour Fire.

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Stability Tour Fire.

Isn’t it time to switch to the best performing putter shaft in the game? State of the art technology, streamlined slim look, tour preferred control and feel. Stability Tour Fire includes all of our best technologies packaged in a rich, red color that’s sure to heat up your stroke.

• Ultra-Stiff, 1 Degree Of Torque So The Putter Face Remains Square At Impact for Consistent Putts
• Tour Approved Slimmer Look
• 30% More High-Modulus Carbon Fiber To Improve Feel
• Fits All Putter Models-Regardless Of Bend Profile
Streamlined, slim look preferred by better golfers. Deep, rich red color.
Balances like a steel putter shaft, allowing any putter to be built to exact specifications of even the most demanding golfers.
Built with 30% more high modulus graphite, which creates a softer, responsive feel that’s perfect for putting.

Streamlined, Slim Look.

Streamlined, slim look which tapers to a 13% reduction in the shaft diameter.


Balances Like Steel.

Balances like a steel shaft which makes it easy to recreate a specific swing weight when re‑shafting.


Tour Preferred Control & Feel.

With 30% more carbon fiber for crisp, responsive sound and control preferred by better golfers.


Stability Tour Fire Shaft

Tip Diameter.355″ .370″ .390″
Length 37″
Weight 102 gm
Butt Diameter 0.600″
Torque 1 ̊
Flex Ultra Tour Stiff
Click to view a quick assembly video of the Stability shaft.
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