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99% Of Golfers Who Play Stability Prefer It Over Steel.

The Most Advanced Putter Shaft Available.

The Stability Putter shaft replaces 50‑year‑old technology. Steel putter shafts stress during the motion of the stroke, which results in the putter face not returning square to the target line.

A putter face square at impact is the holy grail of the smooth, pendulum style stroke and steel shafts combined with today’s heavier putters are in direct conflict of achieving this.

Stability will help you make more putts and reduce 3‑putts with better distance control the very next time you play.
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Preferred Over Steel
99% of golfers who play Stability prefer it over steel.
Fits Most Putters
Designed to improve your putter’s performance regardless of the brand.
New Technology
Replaces 50‑year-old, unchanged and unengineered steel shaft technology.
Make More Putts
Delivers your putter face squarer at impact so putts stay more on line.
Simple Assembly
Fits virtually all putters. Easy to remove existing steel shaft and replace with Stability.
Improved Feel
Stability has the same look, solid feel and weight as traditional steel putter shafts.

Advanced Materials Integration

stability explode

Todays Material Science.

Todays Better Putter Shaft.

The Stability shaft delivers the face squarer at impact for improved accuracy and solid feel and has a lower launch for a predictable roll, resulting in better distance control.

Stability vs. Traditional Steel

Toe-Heel Velocity Analysis At 2500 Frames/Sec.

stability graph


Causes almost no oscillation.

Evidence of how much more stable the Stability shaft is.

steel graph

Traditional Steel

Causes wild oscillation.

Evidence of how weak and unstable a steel shaft is. Even on center strikes.


Stability Shaft

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Tip Diameter.355″ .370″ .390″
Length 37″
Weight 125 gm
Butt Diameter 0.600″
Torque 1 ̊
Flex Ultra-Stiff
Click to view a quick assembly video of the Stability shaft.
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