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Written by firewatch on May 19, 2024

The Debut Of Barney Adam's Stability Putter Shafts

GolfWRX highlights Breakthrough Golf Technology's (BGT) latest innovation, the Stability shaft in their recent article, "Breakthrough Golf Technology's New Stability Putter Shafts From CEO Barney Adams." Founded by Barney Adams, BGT addresses the longstanding issue of instability in traditional steel putter shafts.

The Stability shaft, meticulously designed with input from industry experts like Blair Philip, aims to provide golfers with unparalleled stability and consistency during their putting strokes. Through its cutting-edge multi-material design, including carbon fiber layers and aluminum reinforcement, the Stability shaft offers golfers a solution for achieving a more square impact with the ball, enhancing overall performance on the green.

Read the whole story here.

Article written by firewatch

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